Youth Ministry

Life is crazy, mixed up, and confusing, and being a teenager only makes it harder. There are so many choices, decisions and paths to take, and it’s rarely ever easy. What could make it easier, though, is doing it together with other teenagers who face these same problems. Even better would be facing problems both through Biblical guidance and nurturing relationships.

The BFBC Youth Ministry is a safe and energetic place perfect for building relationships with friends, and growing in the most important relationship, our relationship with Christ. Our focus is to challenge you to grow in your spiritual journey, and to be there to assist you along the way as you try to figure it all out. We want to be there to ask you the tough questions, even when there seems to be no right answer; and also to be there to help you find answers when you feel like there may be none.

We encourage a Christ-centered lifestyle in all aspects of the teenage life, from family and friends, to strangers and “enemies” at school. We want to help you learn and grow, and learn to love people and love our God, even during the hard times of life as a teenager. The bottom line is that we want to do life together as Christ calls us to do it and through that, perhaps others will see the love that flows from a relationship with God.