Sunday School Classes

Members Study Examples Teacher Room #
Infant–5th grade
Topical studies Various Children Teachers E107-120
6th–12th grade
Topical studies Various Youth Teachers E302-312
Coed, married, single, with or without children Explore the Bible Series John Gay E300
Young married couples with children Lifeway Curriculum Keith Powell E218
Women Bible – one book at a time Joy Scott E211
Women LifeWay Curriculum Carole Stewart E208
Men LifeWay Curriculum Rick Stewart E221
Coed (30’s-50’s) LifeWay Curriculum Lawrence Revell E212
Coed (40’s-70’s) LifeWay Curriculum Bob Bullard E210
Coed (50’s +) Bible – one book at a time Russ Williams E209
Coed (50’s +) Bible – one book at a time Jim Overall E217/219
Coed (60’s +) LifeWay Curriculum Marian Baur E207
Coed (60’s +) Bible- one book at a time Larry Taylor E214/216
Coed (60’s +) Explore the Bible Series Kay Williams E213/215

(Classrooms beginning with “S” are behind the Sanctuary and classrooms beginning with “E” are in the Education Building.)