We offer many opportunities for adults to get connected and involved at BFBC. Every Sunday we participate in Sunday School and offer numerous classes that allow one to dig deeper into God’s Word, fellowship with others believers, and personally grow stronger spiritually. It’s an honor to have newcomers worship with us, and we hope you are encouraged and inspired. But true learning requires involvement, interaction, and application. Sunday School offers involvement with others and application to your Monday morning and the rest of the week.

All of our classes are involved in Bible Study, taking a portion of scripture and discovering its application for us today. We offer classes for every age group. Our Sunday School classes meet at 9:30AM, each Sunday morning and typically last about an hour. That includes a few minutes for coffee and refreshments, a few minutes for information and announcements, and about forty to forty-five minutes of study time.

How Do I Find A Class?

Simply stop by the Welcome Center in the church foyer or in the Education building and tell one of our greeters/ushers you want to go to Sunday School. They’ll personally escort you. Or click here to view a listing all of our Sunday Classes.

What Do I Do With My Kids?

We offer Sunday School for the kids too! Remember, Sunday School at Bradfordville FBC is for people of all ages. Your children will enjoy classes designed to meet their special needs, led by adults who teach with all the care and concern your children deserve.

“…They joined with the other believers and devoted themselves to the apostles’ teachings….”
– Act 2:42