Ministry Teams

At any given time we have over 100 volunteers serving in over 25 ministry teams or leadership positions. Please click here for a complete list of those serving.

BFBC Leadership Council

The primary purpose of the Church Leadership Council (CLC) is to recommend to the church suggested objectives and goals relative to church operations, poliocies, programs and ministries; to review and coordinate program plans recommended by church officers, staff, organizations and committees/teams; to recommend to the church the use of leadership, time, calendars and other resources according to program priorities; and to evaluate program achievements in terms of church goals and objectives. It consists of one church member selected by the church to represent each of the following church functional areas: administration, life development, stewardship, magnification, maturity, missions, membership, and ministry development. The pastoral staff, chairman of deacons, and committee and team chairs serve as ex-officio members.

In accordance with church by-laws, the following church members have been selected to fill the following positions on the CLC for the specified term listed:

Administration: Russ Williams (12/31/14)
Areas of Functional Interest : Buildings & Grounds, Finance, Personnel, BSM, Trustees, Safety & Security.

Maturity: Ashton Young (12/31/15)
Areas of Functional Interest: Sunday School, Discipleship Programs, Small Group Ministry, and other assigned functional areas.

Missions: Jack Chason (12/31/14)
Areas of Functional Interest: all things related to missions.

Stewardship: Tommy Pipkin (12/31/15)
Areas of Functional Interest: All matters relative to stewardship and the Endowment Team.

Life Development: Penni Steverson (12/31/2014)

Membership: Jim & Ann Overall (12/31/14)
Areas of Functional Interest: Communications, Hospitality, Ushers, Greeters, Parking and Transportation.

Nominating Committee: Kent Bishop (12/31/16)

Ex-Officio Members: In addition to the pastoral staff and Chairman of Deacons, all Team Leaders are considered ex-officio members of the CLC. While all Team Leaders are invited to attend CLC meetings, high priority for attendance is given to the Chairs of Personnel and Finance due to the on-going nature of their function and the impact on the day to day life and functioning of the church.